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Javascript Design Patterns: Flyweight Pattern

22 May, 2016

Flyweights are another important structural pattern which gives us a way to optimizing code that is repetitive and shares data. It is mainly…

Google Adsense and Google Publisher Tag AngularJS Integration

25 March, 2016

What is GPT ? Google Publisher Tags (GPT) is an advertising embedding library using which you can create dynamically ad requests. GPT can…

Javascript Design Patterns: Constructor Pattern

24 March, 2016

We will start with basic implementation of the constructor pattern even though it is not classified as an design pattern it has a unique…

Javascript Design Patterns: facade Pattern

21 March, 2016

Facades are a structural pattern which gives us an clean interface to complex system. Facade pattern can be easily seen in any of the…

Javascript Design Patterns: Decorator Pattern

21 March, 2016

Decorators are a structural design pattern which mostly used for adding methods to a base object without disturbing it. Decorator can be…

Javascript Design Patterns: Module Pattern

20 March, 2016

If you have worked on any sort of javascript project it is most likely that you have come across this module pattern. People use it as a…

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Selection of design and development resources, things I found useful along the way.

React guide

25 May, 2017

General tips and pointers to keep in mind while writing react apps. Conditioning: Always use && conditioning in case of ‘if’. Handling…

CSS Guidelines

22 January, 2017

At a high level, your css should add consistent and space allow growth and scale your codebase promote reuse and efficiency Add “consistency…

Agile works!

20 April, 2014

Building and delivering Small modules in sprints over the whole application at once. Agile Manifesto: Individuals and interactions over…

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